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Take me to them now! said Andrew Oh no Andrew. We both have to live to fight another day. I will give up the human site as long as I am able to return to the tech90 site. We will keep in touch. As long as you don't bother my site, your family stays alive at least until we trade for them. Bullshit, said Andrew Suit yourself. Go ahead pull the trigger, William closed his eyes and waited. Andrew lowered the gun and walked to the door and opened it. You buy youtube views have 10 minutes to get you and your army away from here and to never return unless it's to do a trade. Remember, I won't wait long to get my family back safely before I come looking for you, understood? Until we meet again... William walked out the door and into the abyss with his army retreating and following in tow. The ballerinas marched toward Shana, where she lay stage left, frozen in buy youtube views fear. Legs up, then down, hands on hips jutting forward. Shana knew it was her cue. But she couldn't lift anything but her eyes to meet their stares. She imagined herself running between buy youtube views the rows of dancers, like Michael would have. But she couldn't. Her arms and knees trembled. She was bolted to the floorboards. The ballerinas hesitated, waited for her to join them. Shana felt something pulling her. She saw a shadow emerge from her body, dragging her forward as it fled to center stage. The air left her body, and she struggled to draw another breath. The dark shape rushed between the pairs of dancers, then turned back to face Shana, arms raised for the dance. It was her own image. Shana faced herself on the stage. But the thin face and body were exaggerated almost buy youtube views to bones. The eyes were sunken and wild. Her dark hair hung loose on the ghost's pale shoulders, which tapered down into scarred arms. Her pointe shoes were bruised and broken on its feet. Shana's mouth went dry, but she couldn't close it. Why couldn't she move? Come back, she whispered through dry lips. Her tongue filled her mouth as if with clay. The apparition glared at her, hovered higher off the floor. Shana began to weep. The shadow hesitated. Then it wilted, its head tilting dangerously to one side. A strangled cry came from its lips, and its black tears marred the boards of the stage floor. Oh my God, Shana cried. I'm sorry. Her stomach ached with convulsive cries she couldn't hold back. I can't look anymore. Please! 2 FLEE I hate to say this, love, but it's not as though youtube they ever really love you. Audrey raised her sunglasses buy youtube views to her forehead. But--oh dear, you were really hoping. Shana put down her cocktail so Audrey couldn't see her hand beginning to shake again. It's not the same, she protested. Your husband is a footballer. Besides, she said, trying to calm her voice. David is in finance. He has to work long hours. It's high-stress work. Why did you say anything? You can't fool Audrey, she thought. And why would you want to? Audrey flipped her sunglasses back into place and leaned back on the deck chair. Her petite stomach had the wrinkled look of the perpetually tanned. Her white cotton bikini glowed in the lights of the pool below, where the party was starting to get loud in the deepening night. David is very busy, Shana continued, against her better judgment. Finally, she fell silent. Why didn't I expect this? Of course he's with